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Immigration Law

At O’Grady Law Office, P.C., we have extensive experience in Illinois immigration matters. We have represented many clients before the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration Services

Immigration law is very complex. It is not simply a matter of filling out forms. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced immigration attorney, one who knows how to navigate the legal process safely and efficiently. We have helped hundreds of immigrants and their families steer through the complexity and confusion of immigration law. We represent immigrants from many different parts of the world who need help with family-based immigration services, naturalization services, and asylum and deportation defense cases. For more information, please visit the following pages:

Criminal Charges? Read This First

Do not plead guilty or accept a plea agreement without consulting an experienced immigration lawyer first. Even a guilty plea to a seemingly minor offense can jeopardize your immigration status.

Even if you have a green card, consult with an immigration attorney before you travel outside the United States. Otherwise you could cause yourself to be refused re-entry to the U.S. or be placed in deportation proceedings. Also, before applying for citizenship or naturalization, consult with an immigration attorney. If you have criminal history and apply for citizenship, you could unwittingly be placing yourself in removal proceedings. People can be fine with criminal charges, but when they leave and try to re-enter, they scan the green card and then find out.

Find out more about criminal charges and the immigration process.

Immigration Problems?

We can help with any immigration-related difficulties once you are in the United States, and we are willing to represent you in immigration court. If the Department of Homeland Security has detained you or if you face a removal (criminal deportation) proceeding, we are willing to do all we can to protect you. We have experience with individuals facing the consequences of guilty pleas to criminal matters they thought would never be an immigration problem.

Be Sure to Hire a Qualified Immigration Lawyer

United States immigration law is complex. It is important to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to handle your case, one who is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA, www.aila.org). Many people try and save money by doing it themselves or by hiring a notario and/or a nonlawyer service provider. But you get what you pay for. Most notarios and nonlawyer service providers do not understand the complexities of immigration law and often make fatal errors. For example, we often see people who find themselves in deportation proceedings because the notario or nonlawyer service provider didn’t understand the law and made a fatal error in the client’s case. We also see people who tried to fill out the forms themselves, only to make one small mistake that caused irreparable damage.

Remember, you get only one chance to get it right when it comes to immigration benefits. For a small investment in a qualified immigration lawyer, you could have a much greater chance of reaching your immigration goals. The future of you and your family in this country is too important for anything less than the solid, experienced representation from a good immigration attorney.

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If there is a legitimate, lawful way to help you with your immigration matter, we will help you find it. We offer free initial phone consultations to determine if we can help you or your family with their immigration matter. Call us at (312) 338-1808 or fill out our intake form.

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In this difficult and challenging landscape of immigration law one attorney stands out as one who can get the job done. Julie O’Grady. She is relentless in pursuit of a successful resolution for her clients. A disciplined researcher, she left no stone unturned in her successful bid to obtain a visa...

James W.

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